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Rapture Christ

The Rapture
Thief in the Night
Reasons for the Rapture
Why the Rapture?
The False Rapture
Who is Going the Rapture
Second Exodus
Swift as Lightning
Ten Virgins
Tribulation Timeline
Time for the Rescue
The Woman with 12 Stars

Sign of the Messiah
Did Christ Die on Friday?
Time of Christ's Burial
Resurrection of Jesus
First of Sabbaths
Two Sabbaths
Mystery of Christ I&II

True God
Seal of God
Seven Trumpets
Wrath of God
Two Witnesses
Two Beasts
Scarlet  Beast
Babylon the Great
Government of the Beast
Identity of the Beast - 666
Mark of the Beast
Mark Tech
The 1st Resurrection
Understanding Prophecy
Prophecy of Jeremiah
Daniel's 70 Weeks
Lazarus & the Rich Man
Annual Holy Days
Meaning of the Holy Days
What is Paradise?
The Tree of  Life
The Seven Churches

The major bible prophecy yet to be fulfilled is the rescue of Abraham's children from this Earth.

Some people call this event  "The Rapture."   

God will rescue / rapture us before people are forced to accept an implant referred in the Bible as
 "the mark of the beast."

We discuss our rapture in detail, as well as other prophetic events that lead to the coming of our Messiah and the fulfillment of prophecy.  br
Newsletter November 1, 2014


Newsletter November 1, 2014

Our Mission

Christ is preparing a  new heaven and a new earth where He will take us during the rapture.
The Rapture

Into The Caves

Technology of the mark of the Beast
Mark Tech

What is the Seal of God?
Seal of God

Parable of the Ten Virgins
Ten Virgins