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Dec 1, 2009

H1N1 Pandemic -- a Hoax?

In April 2009 a new disease caused hospitals to fill up with patients in Mexico. This disease is caused by the H1N1 virus, a  highly contagious strain of influenza that affects the upper respiratory system in humans.

So far this year CDC says there are 22 million cases of swine flu in USA. However this is only 7% of the  population. Regular seasonal flu infects 5-20% of the  population.

The death rate of swine flu is much less than regular seasonal influenza. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)  36,171 people die each year from complications associated with regular seasonal flu in the United States. In contrast, only 672 people have died this year of swine flu.

Polish Health Minister rejects H1N1 vaccine. In  the video below Mrs Ewa Kopacz gives a speech in the  Polish Parliament about serious issues with the safety of the swine flu vaccine.

Dr. Mercola says H1N1 virus scare is a hoax. All this panic over the Mexican Swine Flu was a tactic to get people to pay for a needless vaccine. But that's not all.  A previous batch of vaccine from Baxter was contaminated with live Bird Flu virus.  

What we now find is that this vaccine may be  dangerous and other vaccines may be dangerous. There is a swine flu scandal. Please look at the video on Flu.

Bible on Health

Knowledge about germs started with Louis Pasteur in the 1800's; later we became aware of still smaller things that could spread disease, such as viruses and prions; but the knowledge about our immune system and the way it could protect our bodies from germs and viruses is a more recent scientific achievement.

God created us so our immune system is made up of different types of cells and substances.  These cells behave as a police force, getting rid of germs and toxic substances that will harm our bodies. Thus, our bodies have the capability of repairing themselves.  Cells have the ability to reproduce, and given the right ingredients, they will reproduce effectively to maintain a healthy body.  The problem is that we are not giving the body the ingredients it needs to maintain health.  Cells are not getting what they need to reproduce effectively.
But God knows what makes our bodies work best. We believe in the sanctity of human blood. God in the Bible says

Isaiah 1:16 Wash! Cleanse yourselves! Remove your sinful deeds from my sight. Stop sinning!

This is because many diseases are spread through dirty hands. Also, many disease like AIDS are spread thru sin. People need to understand that prior to Luis Pasteur most men of science did not realize that our world is full of microscopic germs. When we wash our hands with water and soap, we remove harmful bacteria. This is why God tells us to wash our hands.

Exodus 30:21 So they shall wash their hands and their feet, that they die not: and it shall be a statute for ever to them, even to him and to his seed throughout their generations.

God understands that dirty hands contain germs which are harmful to you.

Mark 7:3 Now the Pharisees, and all the Jews, do not take food without washing their hands with care, keeping the old rule which has been handed down to them.
The first thing that most physicians tell you about preventing the flu is to wash your hands, and to do it often.  Next thing they tell you is to cover your mouth with tissue if you need to cough (to prevent spreading the germs to other people.)  Next thing is to eat healthy food, not junk food devoid of what your cells need to bring you back to your healthy state.

If you disobey God's commands you get sick. This is why God gives us rules because He wants our benefit.  The body God gave you has the capability of curing itself from disease... if you give your body what it needs to recover.  So your next year resolutions should include these 2 question:
1)  Am I eating healthier this coming year? 
2)  Am I following God's commandments?



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