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May 15, 2002

What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are becoming mandatory.The origin of vaccines goes back to Dr. Edward Jenner, who in the late 1700's came up with the theory that to inoculate  human beings with cowpox virus could prevent them from contracting smallpox (a more terrible disease but of similar parentage to cowpox). 

The basis for vaccination is the fact that when the body is exposed to the agents of disease, either by having the disease or by vaccination,  it responds by creating antibodies which help fight the disease.

Vaccines are preparations consisting of bacteria or viruses, or parts of a bacteria or virus and an adjuvant. The ones made of part of a virus such as the capsid, or a killed cell/virus are called killed vaccines.  The ones made of weakened  whole viruses are called live or attenuated vaccines. 

A list of some common killed vaccines are

  • typhoid
  • polio (the Salk type)

Some of the live-attenuated vaccines are:

  •  polio (the oral, Sabin type)

  •  measles

  •  mumps

  •  rubella

  •  yellow fever

  •  varicella (chicken pox)

We must understand the distinction between vaccination and immunization.  To vaccinate is to administer a vaccine.  To be immunized means that the patient is resistant to the disease (either due to active immunity or passive immunity). 

Active immunity means that the individual has been exposed to the agent that causes the disease.  For example, you actually had the disease at some time in your life, and that has prevented you from having it in the future.  One example is measles.  The people who had measles, usually when they were a child, will not have another episode of measles when they are adult because the disease gave their bodies permanent immunity.

Another way to get active immunity is by vaccination; exposing the patient to the antigen (virus/bacteria) will produce resistance to contracting the disease, although this method will only diminish the probability of acquiring the disease. 

Passive immunity means that the person has been given immunoglobulins (antibodies) made in another individual in order to boost the immune system.  One example is tetanus.

Here is where we want to make the distinction.  A person who has been vaccinated (usually to boost the individual's immunity) does not have complete immunity to the disease.  That means that the person, even though vaccinated, could still acquire the disease, therefore he is NOT really immune.  The vaccine only reduces the risk of acquiring the disease; that is why booster shots must be given periodically.

Not only that, if the immune system of the person being vaccinated is low, he/she could contract the disease (if vaccinated with a live-attenuated virus).  One example is polio.  Polio is a life-attenuated virus.  The virus is still "alive" when introduced into the patient's body.  If the person has low immunity, that dose of "vaccine" will be high enough to produce disease.  Not only that, the live-attenuated virus could mutate inside the person's body and become a more virulent species capable of producing disease and death.  

One warning we want to pose about polio vaccinations is that when a person has been vaccinated he/she will be shedding through the feces polio viruses for several months.  Any contacts of the recently vaccinated child are being exposed to the polio virus (either attenuated or mutated).  Those contacts, especially unvaccinated children in daycare centers, have a larger risk of contracting the disease, as they will be unaware that the "healthy-looking" vaccinated child is a source of disease.

Another example is TB.  Vaccinations against TB are the norm in underdeveloped countries.  The reason is, they want to diminish the possibility for contracting the disease.  Nonetheless, developing countries have much higher numbers of TB patients than developed nations such as the USA, where TB vaccinations are not yet  mandatory.

That should warn our legislators, the ones advancing the mandatory need of vaccinations, that this is not the way to prevent disease.  Disease is prevented with cleanliness and proper nutrition.

Exodus 30:20
Whenever they go into the Tent of meeting they are to be washed with water, to keep them from death; and whenever they come near to do the work of the altar, or to make an offering by fire to the Lord,

Exodus 30:21
Their hands and feet are to be washed. so that they may be safe from death: this is an order to them for ever; to him and his seed from generation to generation.

Vaccinations -- Are They Good for You?

Formaldehyde is one of the chemicals used to attenuate the viruses.Live attenuated vaccines are made up of viruses that are grown in animal tissues or human embryonic tissues (fetuses).  In the process of making the vaccine chemicals are added,  among them mercury (thimerosal).  Residues of these chemicals, as well as viruses and DNA from the animal's tissues are left in the vaccine.  One case is SV40.  SV40 is the name given to a monkey virus and they designated it "simian virus number 40".  When we are inoculated with vaccines not only we are introducing into our bodies chemicals that are harmful (mercury in the vaccines has been linked to autism), but it is the biological contamination in the vaccine that could pose the greatest danger.  

As those vaccines go directly into the bloodstream, there is no stomach to digest the products and turn them innocuous.  This is going directly into the individual's bloodstream, therefore there is no way to reverse an innoculation.  It is like injecting yourself with blood from an AIDS patient.  You would have a large probability of contracting AIDS. 

Once we receive a vaccination, we have put into our bodies the blood of Some vaccines are grown in monkey kidneys the monkeys, chickens, or whatever animals they have used to "grow" these vaccines.  There is no way they can know what type of viruses are present in those animals, to know the danger those viruses would pose to humans, and to eliminate those viruses.  One case is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS in humans; it does not cause death in chimpanzees, but it does cause death in humans.  The same for SV40.  The monkeys who had the virus were healthy, but not the humans who acquired it via a contaminated vaccine.

The use of vaccines has been linked with auto - immune diseases e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, lymphoma, and leukemia.  Guillain Barre paralysis has been linked to swine flu vaccine.

Important Facts Concerning Vaccinations: 

1. Getting a vaccination does not mean immunization is guaranteed. As we mentioned previously, many people who get a vaccine for a certain disease will later on develop the disease or something similar to it. For example, the biggest cause of polio in the USA is the Sabin oral polio vaccine. 

2. Vaccinations are proven to lower your immunity against other types of infections. According to Dr. Mercola,  the chemicals in the vaccines, like mercury, lower your immune system; the viruses present in the vaccine lower your immune system; and the foreign DNA/RNA from animal tissues also depresses immunity. 

3. Vaccines are linked to many neurological diseases:
  Convulsions - Seizures
  Paralytic polio
  Demyelinization diseases
  Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)
  Auto-immune Diseases
  Hyperactivity - ADD, LD
  Mental confusion - lowered IQ 
  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  Brain tumors produced by (SV-40)

 4. Vaccines are linked with  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  Therefore, your baby could suddenly die due to the vaccine.

As you can see there are many reasons why you need to consider whether a vaccination is in the patient's best interest. Remember that pharmaceutical companies will be very reluctant to make you aware of the negative side effects of their products. This is where we need to step in and find out the information for ourselves to make a more educated decision on our future health. It is also important to realize that many drug companies sponsor research projects, therefore the research may be biased.

The question is: Do you have a choice?

There is current legislation about to be passed, an amendment to the  Model States Emergency Health Powers Act that can take away your civil liberties regarding the medical choices you want for yourself and your children.  According to Dr. Mercola, "The Act empowers the public health authority to decide upon medical treatment or immunizations and to impose its view on individuals, who are liable for a misdemeanor should they refuse; ...it is tyrannical to criminalize the medical choice to decline a treatment."

We should voice our views against these laws, but we know that the forces of evil are at work, that the battle is with "the powers in the air", and therefore we should pray to God for our deliverance..    

Pray that Yeshua/Jesus our Messiah returns soon.





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