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September 1, 2014

If Jesus Were Born Today

Israelite celebrity Yeshua BenJoseph, who goes by the name of Jesus in Europe and America, has been again on the news recently. 

His followers have grown tremendously in the past three years.  Claims to his divinity have spawned from the many miracles that his followers attest to their leader.

In the past month, a clinic he leads in Jerusalem has claimed to cure 1000 cancer patients from all over the world.  Not only has he been the main perpetrator in this "healings without a license", but his "apostles" also claim to have those powersLuke 9:1 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,

The government of Israel has called Interpol after Yeshua BenJoseph managed to escape from custody when police held him on charges of practicing medicine without a license.

Last year, Yeshua participated in several religious debates with PhDs from various prestigious universities.  This event had worldwide coverage, and public opinion polls showed Jeshua/Jesus as the winner.  This is an outstanding outcome for somebody without any college education.  Psychiatrists affirm that this man suffers from bipolar disorder and could be a schizophrenic threat to the community.  Jesus claims to hear voices and to have been alive before the patriarch Abraham was even born.

In August of last year, Yeshua was seen in Miami Beach walking on water.  His followers have sent this news agency cell phone videos of his "walking on water" while rescuing a teenager  from the raging surf.  The videos also show that Hurricane Abadon dissolved into nothing after Jesus, lifting his arms to heaven, called upon the storm to subside.

Two weeks ago, Jesus attended a wedding at The King Solomon Hotel in Miami Beach.  When the wine ran out, the waiters filled six 30 gallon containers with water which Yeshua "turned into wine."  His followers video taped the "miracle." The city of Miami Beach gave Yeshua a fine for producing and distributing wine without a liquor license.

He was also seen serving a huge meal in Bayfront Park to over 5000 people.  He was arrested for serving food without a restaurant license.  The day after the arrest, men wearing winged costumes broke him out of prison.

The antics of this religious leader go on every day.  Recently, a pig slaughter house in Hialeah, FL accused him of causing their pigs to drown.  Investigators are following a lead related to  santeria.

We will continue with more updates.


If Jesus Were Born Today -- part II

Who is this person who says he is "the son of God?"  This worldwide celebrity has risen to fame in just three years, from an unknown past. 

He claims to be the Messiah or Christ, the coming leader for Israel.  But all we know is that  He has been a construction worker from Nazareth, Israel and has risen to prominence with the many alleged miracles that he performs.

Scientists say he is quack, that all those cancers he claims to have cured were already in remission.  His followers, on the other hand, have grown in numbers.  Thousands follow him wherever he goes.

Religious leaders, on the other hand, say he is a fake and a blasphemous man.  They point to Yeshua regularly been seen in the company of organized crime figures.  This is a proven fact, as this news agency has multiple photos of Jesus attending festivities at the homes of people of questionable character, including ex-convicts.  

The Israeli police force is afraid Jesus is part of a plot to overthrow the government, as he has declared publicly to be the next King of Israel, the coming Messiah.

Last week, Yeshua was extradited to Israel by Interpol, but again, he escaped while police were firing at him. 

Today a report came to the Israeli  police in which Jesus went to a pet shop where he started to open the cages and free the animals.  He is believed to be a member of the Animal Liberation Front, a terrorist organization.

After leaving the pet shop, Yeshua proceeded to go into a branch of Goldmine Bank, where he entered the currency exchange booth and started smashing furniture and throwing coins on the floor.  The surveillance video shows him wrecking everything and calling the place "a den of thieves."

When authorities from the bank called the police, a swat team with dogs was sent in around 3pm.  He was ordered to surrender, but Jesus continued smashing furniture.  Shots were fired and he was rushed to the hospital.  Doctors were frantically trying to save him, but he died six hours later.

A big burial took place last Wednesday, while  Passover preparations were going on in most Jewish synagogues.  We have news this Sunday morning that his body is missing from the burial crypt in the Jerusalem cemetery.  Soldiers had been appointed to guard the grave for three days, but the soldiers claim that while they were asleep, some of Yeshua's followers stole the body.

Yeshua's disciples are beginning to wear bullets hanging from necklaces as a symbol of Jesus' death.

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