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May 1, 2003

Egg Donors

Egg Donor

Egg donors are women from 20-32 years of age. They should be in good health and with no family history of any genetic diseases. They should not be taking any medications for depression or other mental conditions such as mania or schizophrenia.

The usual ad asking for egg donors runs like this:

Help our dream come true. A loving, caring couple seeking egg donor. Candidates should be intelligent, athletic, blonde, at least 5'10", have a 1400+ SAT score, and possess no major family medical issues. $50,000.

One web site "Ron's Angels" sells the eggs of supermodels for $150,000 an egg.

Egg are being sold to the highest bidder based on certain characteristics such as: good looks, intelligence, musical abilities, and genetic purity.

The agency usually coordinates a psychological screening, followed by a medical screening. This latter process includes a general physical, blood work, sexually transmitted disease screening (including HIV),  and an ultrasound of the genitourinary tract. If all is well, the egg donor is given daily injections to boost her egg production for a period of 2-3 weeks.  The egg retrieval process is then done in a physician's office or fertility clinic.  

As the picture above shows, the extracted eggs are then fertilized by sperm and later on the embryos are inserted into the womb of  a surrogate who will carry the embryo/s through growth until delivery.  The baby will then be given to the family that will raise it.

The idea of "in vitro fertilization" started from the plea of women who could not give birth -- either because they had no wombs, or wombs that could not sustain a pregnancy, or women who were too old to produce eggs.  Most of these women were convinced that it was "OK" to have children by using egg donors and in this way they could have children of their own.  

It seems to me I heard the story before.  There was a postmenopausal woman named Sarah and her husband was named Abraham and the couple thought it would be OK for them to have children by using another woman.  It was not "in vitro" in those days... Abraham had to have intercourse with the woman, but the similarity is the same.

Well, egg donors have been convinced that their eggs can be used by other people, and they do not need to give it a second thought that the progeny is really their children.  "There is no legal implications" so they say; "the procedure only takes a few weeks....and you will be splendidly reimbursed for just a few weeks."

It seems enticing.  And as the saying goes "what you can't see can't hurt you."

These women who serve as egg donors do not worry where their progeny would be living, or under what conditions.  They do not worry about who is getting their eggs.  There are now gay couples obtaining these services.  The egg is fertilized with one of the men's sperm and the baby, born to a surrogate is then raised in a homosexual environment.

Most people are more concerned about their animal pets than about what happens to these children.  But the advancements in science do not stop here.  Since the completion of the Human Genome Project we have the ability to make changes to eggs and add or remove traits as we like.  We also can change any cells to become eggs... 

Cells Transformed into Eggs

On May 1, 2003 scientists in Pennsylvania said they had obtained mouse egg cells from common mouse embryo cells.  This new in vitro technique opens up a Pandora's box.  Now anybody (male or female, child or adult) can become a "mother."   Not only would a person be able to procreate at any time in his/her life, but the eggs could be "doctored" introducing different pieces of DNA from other people or animals or plants into the original "egg."

We have come a long way...  We are now "creating" or have the possibility of creating species that did not exist before, and we can "resurrect" extinct species from long ago -- such as the dinosaurs.

It is opening "Pandora's box" because the outcome of this new "advancement" in science will be disastrous.

"The mind boggles with potential wild applications of this stuff," said John Eppig, a geneticist at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.

For example, if somebody's son or daughter dies, the tissues can be frozen, and later on these tissues could be turned into eggs so that person could  have grandchildren from the dead child.

For people who are past their childbearing years, their blood could be converted into "eggs" and allow that person to have children at an advanced age.

As people do not have to reach sexual maturity to reproduce, because embryos can be used to produce "eggs," people could quickly go through many generations in just a few months. Instead of each generation being 20 years, it could be possible to have a new generation every few weeks. 

Because anyone's cells could be turned into eggs, the possibility exists for male couples to have their own children -  one man donates the "egg" and the other man donates the sperm.  

A male could easily reproduce on his own without the need of the usual female egg, by using a male "egg",  a normal sperm, and a surrogate.  The offspring would be a child very similar to himself, but not a clone, as there would be genetic recombination during meiosis.  It takes a little more work to do the similar process in a female.  See The Washington Post

The DNA in the egg can be altered.  It is possible to create "designer eggs" in which pieces of DNA have been replaced by different ones.  For example, if you want your offspring to have blue eyes, but your "eggs" have brown eyes, you just replace that gene and leave the rest the same.

Another consequence is that anyone's tissues could be used to make these eggs.  Your hair stylist could get your hair and if the hair has viable cells they could be used to make "eggs."  The same with blood.  The cells in the blood could be turned into "eggs" from which offspring could be reproduced.

Not only will they use the "eggs" to create babies; they will use the embryos to grow replacement organs such as livers, hearts, lungs, and so forth.  They will also grow organs to produce hormones and other chemicals/drugs.  

Yes, as time goes by people will come up with new ideas thinking they are God.  They do not foresee the consequences of their actions.

This has become an upside down world.  It happened in the time of Noah.

Genesis 6:12
God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth.

The same is happening now.  See the Newsletter

Pray that Yeshua Ha Mashiah comes quickly.

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