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March 1, 2012

Two Party System

America is a two party system, but what is the history of the two parties?

Back in the 1850's, the Democrats were in favor of slavery (owners' rights), because slaves could not vote. The Democrats argued that blacks were not persons, that they were like animals. 

In October 13, 1858 during the Lincoln-Douglas debates, U.S. Senator Stephen Douglas (D-IL) stated: “I do not regard the Negro as my equal, and positively deny that he is my brother, or any kin to me whatever”; Douglas became Democratic Party’s 1860 presidential nominee.

They said that Republicans were evil because they stood against progress. According to Democrats, for America to develop as a nation, slaves were necessary. They did not care about their rights, or giving them freedom.  Rich slave owners poured lots of money into the pockets of corrupt "Democratic" congressmen in order to continue their profitable slavery business.

To get rid of slavery did require a civil war. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, plunged our nation into probably the bloodiest war in American history, but that was not the end.

After the war, many blacks went into politics, and Democrats came up with Jim Crow laws. They made slaves who could not read or write take a literacy test in order to deny them the right to vote.  Also, they enacted a poll tax to discourage the poor from voting.

Perhaps you say that was over 100 years ago. Well, let us look to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the democratic icon.  He put American citizens of Japanese origin in concentration camps. This was not done to Italians or Germans living in the United States during WWII. Please remember that there were cases of sabotage by Germans  in both WWI and WWII, but no case of sabotage by a Japanese person or American Citizen of Japanese origin ever. That smacks of racism to me.

Historians might think that Democrats have changed over the years. Well, think again. Fact is, in our own 21st century, George Bush tried to pass a law giving citizenship to Mexican Americans. The law was blocked by Democrats. Obama promised that if Latinos voted for him, he would pass the law when he became president.  Well, he now says he is too busy doing other things that are more important.  Let me tell you that Latinos voted 70% for Obama. He now shows them what the Democrats really are - a party of evil liars.

Actions, my friends, speak louder than words.

Democrats often speak of human rights, but what about the unborn?  It is estimated that USA has sacrificed over 50 million babies in the last 50 years. That is more people than the dead in all our wars. Democrats talk about women's rights. However, what about the rights of innocents who have done nothing wrong? The only reason that the Democrats are in favor of abortion is because unborn babies can't vote.

Continuing with the human rights theme, let me ask you this question.  Did the Republicans drop nukes on Japan? - no.  It was during the term of the Democrat Harry S. Truman. 

Democrats talk of freedom of speech when they want on TV to display dirty images.  However, when they face criticism for promoting perversion, they scream HATE SPEECH!  The only reason Democrats are in favor of homosexuality is because homosexuals can vote.  The Democratic Party will do anything it can to get the vote; it does not matter how corrupt it is.

A tiger cannot change his stripes nor a leopard his spots - people are what they are!

Luke 6:44
For every tree is known by its own fruit. For from thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.

Power of Money

When a young senator first starts out he has a lot of bills to pay. There are many costs associated with running a campaign.
Lobbyists are the ones who help him pay. They arrange funding drives and dinners. Perhaps they never give the senator a penny; however, they help set up meetings with wealthy donors who have a lot of money.

It might be years later that these wealthy donors ask for the senator's help in passing a law that will help them survive. Because of all the favors they have done for him over the years, the senator now feels that he owes them and must repay. But God says:

Deuteronomy 16:18-19
Judges and officers shall you make you in all your gates, which the LORD your God gives you, throughout your tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment. You shall not wrest judgment; you shall not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift does blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.

God sees the wickedness of our era, and how companies use their money and influence to get senators to pass laws. Most of these laws are bad for our country. Big business does not care; they only want to increase their earnings.

Basically, there use their power to make the government approve laws that will help their business. They also help nominate judges.

Proverbs 17:23
“Corrupt judges accept secret bribes, and then justice is not done.”

Democrats blame the rich for the plight of the poor. However, they do not care about the needy. It is Democrats that did allow outsourcing of jobs to developing countries that pay low wages such as China.

Democrats say they are in favor of environmental laws.  If that were the case, they would not allow imports from countries that have total disregard for our environment.  Again China is an example.  Democrats would not be letting big companies such as Monsanto to poison the soils of America and the whole world with GMO seeds to grow GMO crops that use lots of herbicides & pesticides contaminating the groundwater, the rivers, lakes and the whole ecosystem.  Look at Monsanto's government ties. This live for today mentality is why our rivers are a sewer. 

What Democrats do is blame Republicans, but what did Democrats do in 2008 when they had control of the house, senate and white house? Did they pass laws to clean our air? No, in fact, they came up with a carbon tax - putting more taxes on the USA.  It is OK to pollute as long as you give us money.  To show they did not care about polluting the environment, they decided to give money to developing countries such as China and India and made them exempt from the Kyoto Protocol / carbon tax. China is in fact, the WORLD'S BIGGEST POLLUTER.

Democrats say they are in favor of abortion and gay marriage.  But if our human race did not procreate, in less than 100 years it would become extinct and they would not be around anymore.

It is a biological fact that to produce children you need two people of the opposite sex. Democrats do not care. They want to be elected today. It does not matter to them if we are not around in 100 years.
Jesus warned us that these end times would be like the time of Lot, that our era would be a time of troubles, but he said this to us:

Mark 13:13
 And you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Those of you who obey God will be hated by the sinners. Expect them to call you out on your beliefs, but stay strong in the power. God is with us. Christ says:

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Get ready, Christ is coming soon!

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