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Feb 1, 2005

Vitamins Made Illegal? 

Europe has passed strict rules governing the use of vitamins and other food supplements. 

But this is only the tip of the iceberg; a plan exists to control the sales of all vitamin and mineral supplements across the world.  In 1963 the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations, wrote a series of guidelines known as the Codex Alimentarius "Food Code" and set up a commission to enforce food safety  standards.

While the Codex claims to be a mechanism for consumer protection, it is in fact something quite different.  Instead of being used to promote pure unadulterated foods, the Codex is being used to prevent the sales of vitamins, minerals, and other food supplements by claiming that they are dangerous drugs that must be regulated.

The goal is to have all vitamins listed as drugs and available only by prescription from a certified physician   Also, they plan to ban certain minerals on the grounds that they are dangerous chemicals.

For example, in Europe the following minerals have been banned in 2005:

Substance Benefit
(All forms) 
Required for absorption of calcium
23 types
For bones, teeth and cell function.
Chromium 17 types For balancing blood sugar levels, widely used by diabetics.
Magnesium 30 types Healthy bones and teeth.
Potassium 21 types Maintains blood pressure and heart beat rhythm.
(All forms)
Works in conjunction with boron, calcium, and other minerals to support bones, arteries, connective tissue, hair, skin and nails.
14 types
Antioxidant, important for heart function. Contributes to healthy immune response.

Who is behind this regulation?  The big money multinational drug cartels.  These firms have as their main objective extracting obscene amounts of money from sick patients. This is accomplished by making over the counter food supplements illegal and maintaining sick patients on expensive prescription drugs that do not cure them, but only mask the symptoms of disease.

If sick people can attain health through natural substances such as vitamins and herbs, then the profits of many chemical companies would be adversely affected, as they cannot patent a naturally occurring substance, such as a vitamin or a mineral.

Large chemical companies claim that natural food supplements are "dangerous.", but their poisons are food. 

Germany has long been one of the most restrictive countries on vitamin and mineral products, perhaps because of the relative strength of its pharmaceutical industry, which sees a threat to profits on pharmaceutical drugs as more and more people seem to turn away from drugs and try the "natural option". - Josef Hasslberger

It is Germany that has pushed for other European countries to "harmonize" their laws with international law.

Who else would push a global food code that does not benefit consumers but fattens the pockets of multinational conglomerates?

Paul Hellyer in his book, "The Evil Empire," states: "Codex is supported by international banks and multinational corporations including some in Canada, and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the corporations they control. It will hand over our sovereign rights concerning who may or may not invest in our countries to an unelected world organization run by big business. The treaty would make it impossible for Canadian legislators either federal or provincial to alter or improve environmental standards for fear of being sued by multinational corporations whether operating in Canada or not. This will create a world without borders ruled by a virtual dictatorship of the world's most powerful central banks and multinational companies. This world is an absolute certainty if we all sit on our hands and do nothing."

The one world government of the Beast is almost here.

UN Banning Food Supplements?

We could not have imagined that the UN would create a global food code that would have more power than national law, but that is the case.

The Codex Alimentarius Committee of the UN is composed of unelected government bureaucrats primarily from the rich nations of planet earth. Its goal is to create a global standard for all food that is sold.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) sets the rules for all international trade. Using the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) as its framework, the WTO supersedes national law.  It carries more power than laws passed by elected officials and cannot be appealed. Stiff fines can be applied to nations defying the GATT.

For example, the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO met on February 17, 2005 to discuss the banning of US hormone-tainted beef by Europe. If the panel finds Europe in contempt of WTO rulings, the World Trade Organization will assess fines against Europe.

Using GATT as a stick, the UN can punish any nation that does not comply with Codex rules. Under the pretense of promoting free trade, the complex rules of the Codex actually prevent free trade by making small firms unable to survive with its restrictive regulations.

Jerry Brown, former governor of California, stated that  the GATT would supersede local, state, and national control over food and nutritional supplement safety.  It has become so.

Globalization of the food standard code has allowed a few very powerful companies to control the fate of the entire world. Their primary motive is profit.

Using the Codex as a hammer, the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in classifying 500 milligrams of vitamin C in pill form as a medication requiring a prescription. The goal is to claim that naturally occurring substances such as vitamins are "dangerous," whereas bug spray and toxic chemicals are "beneficial".

Food Plate

Instead of "pure food," the Codex was amended in July 1999 to relax Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) of dangerous chemical sprays. How does this protect consumers?

Another example of the Codex in action is the current dispute between the United States and United Europe over hormones used for fattening beef cattle. In the 1980's Europe passed a hormone ban to protect its citizens from US hormone-tainted beef.  The US used WTO trade-dispute mechanism, to argue against EU laws banning hormones. 

As stated in Whole Earth Magazine

"In 1997 the WTO, despite Codex's initially deferring to consumer pressure, sided with the US and fined the EU. (Codex adopted its standard on hormones by a vote of 33 to 29, with seven abstentions. As one review put it, this was "hardly a ringing endorsement of the safety of eating hormone-process meat.")

This is the power of the GATT, it can punish nations that attempt to protect their citizens with economically crippling fines. 

In the Orwellian world of 1984, Big Brother was always watching us. Now we have a UN that dictates what we can eat and what food supplements we can take on a global scale.

The GATT has signed agreements with the United States, Canada, Japan, most of Asia, and South America pledging complete harmonization of their food and drug laws with these international standards.

Using the FTC, backed by the pharma cartel, global leaders are using Operation Cure All to extend their agenda, one of total control over food supplements. In fact, the real goal is to standardize all food supplements under the GATT by making all nations comply with Codex.  


In the words of Daniel Seligman, director of trade policy for the Sierra Club, "Trade has become a kind of de facto global government serving only one constituent -- transnational corporations."

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